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Diving in St Croix is world renowned. Dive Shops will take you to North Shore reefs that run from Christiansted all the way west past Salt River, to Cane Bay and North Star, home to dozens of well known dive sites. Everyone will have a great time trying this new sport. Take a two tank deep dive of the world famous Salt River Canyon wall with its abyss-like view of the underwater world. A must-see on the North Shore. Sign up for a snorkel trip on the west end or dive the pier and wrecks!

Did you know that The St. Croix East End Marine Park is the territory’s first marine park? It encompasses approximately 60 square miles of marine habitats and approximately 17 miles of shoreline-providing a great opportunity to experience the natural wonders of St Croix. It is managed by the Virgin Islands Department of Planning and Natural Resources, division of Coastal Zone Management.

A word to the wise; shells, sand and corals may look like great gifts and treasures to take home, but many creatures depend on shells and corals for cover and protection. If each person took one shell or piece of coral, we would quickly have nothing left. The USVI Indigenous Species Act protects all native shells, corals, marine creatures, animals and plants from illegal take, catch, possession, injury, harassment, or death. Please help conserve our natural resources. Take as many pictures as you want, but please Leave Paradise in its Place.

In Frederiksted try Stand Up Paddle or a skate or surf lesson. Rent snorkel gear, jet ski’s and kayaks. West has the perfect beaches to have a ton of fun. Hang out all day at the beach and soak in the fun and sun with all the right toys.

Buck Island

Buck Island Underwater National Monument is 6,000 feet long and a 1/2 mile wide, is uninhabited, and rises 328 feet above sea level. St. Croix’s premiere snorkeling site, with mounds of haystack coral, colored coral gardens, angelfish and crustaceans peeking from every hole. Buck Island Underwater National Monument includes the 176-acre island and 18,839 acres of submerged land and coral reef system. First protected in 1948, the area was proclaimed a national monument in 1961 and expanded in 2001 to preserve one of the finest marine gardens in the Caribbean Sea. Endangered and threatened species living and nesting here include the brown pelican, least tern and hawkbill, leatherback and green sea turtles. Unique elkhorn coral patch reefs, resembling haystacks, are scattered along the outside of the fore reef and rise nearly to the water’s surface from the seabed as much as 40 feet below. Snorkelers encounter colorful parrotfish, french angelfish and blue tangs. Find a ride to Buck Island in Christiansted, at the Green Cay Marina and the St Croix Yacht Club.

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Whichever watersport you choose to do on St Croix, we hope that diving or sailing is one of them. The diving is truly extraordinary and the prevailing east winds at 15 mph make sailing really enjoyable.

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