Treasure Hunt

Let’s do a treasure hunt! It’s fun to do by yourself or with your friends and family. Find the answers while you read the St. Croix Explorer Map. Visit the different locations around St. Croix. Learn history and interesting facts about the island. Explore the hills of the East and the beaches of the West. The village on the North Shore and the streets of Frederiksted and Christiansted. After you have toured the island, read this guide cover to cover, and find all the answers. Go to our and fill out the treasure hunt form with your answers or best quess and your address and we will send you a free gift from St. Croix valued at over $20. Have fun exploring St. Croix and Keep Left!

  • Where is the place to bounce off the tops of waves, and wear your bikini and board shorts?
    In the calm waters of Frederiksted is _____________________Watersports.
  • Come play at the beach, village and shop along North Shore drive.
    Above and under the water is _____________________
  • St. Croix handmade jewelry, hook or by crook,
    many imitations but only _____________________ is the original St. Croix hook.
  • On the North Shore, at the Carambola Resort
    is a lively bar and beach with a great sugary vibe
    and _____________________.
  • "Feel the Love", their statement is bold,
    they make a love knot at _____________________
  • In the heart of Christiansted, the largest gift store with
    gifts, clothes and a rum tasting bar.
    _____________________ has everything you’ll need, hats,
    shot glasses and much, much more, by far.
  • Renaissance St. Croix _____________________ Resort and Spa,
    has a beach called sweet bottom and a golf course not fa’.
  • Shop for liquor, groceries and a deli that is the best,
    In the center of the island at______________.
  • With the owner, Michelle, in the Hall of Fame,
    _____________________, it’s all in the name.
  • History, a Greathouse, Chimney and Mill,
    A stroll through _____________________
    is a lesson about culture and skill.
  • To see the sunrise first at _____________________, you take an
    Eastern trip. To the edge of the cliff, on the very tippy, tip.
  • On weekends find _____________________ Wildlife Refuge
    in the West, with a salt pond and covered in turtles, you can sunbathe and rest.
  • Flags from _____________________ nations,
    flew over the island
    before it became the best place
    to have family vacations.
  • The Underwater National Park is on the isle of ___________.
    You can see dolphins or sharks with a little luck.
  • They dot the island once alive, now silent and still,
    yThey are a glimpse of the past, our--------
  • It is not a squirrel or a rat,
    a small dog or a cat.
    While you relax and sip coconut juice,
    keep your eyes alert for the quick, sly ______________.
  • He sailed into Salt River, an unknown port
    and didn't believe his eyes or compass.
    History says he’s the first, his name is Chris ______________.
  • This year St Croix celebrates it’s
    _______th  Anniversary.
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