Welcome To St.Croix

St. Croix, the largest of the Virgin Islands, and the one that has the most Danish influence in their architecture and names. St Croix has a unique history dating back to pre-Columbus and ruled by seven nations. St. Croix is the island to discover, explore and celebrate! Find the St Croix Explorer Map at the airport upom your arrival. Ask for a copy from your rental car company. Use this guide and map to find treasures of history, culture and art. Read through the pages of the Explorer to find great restaurants and shopping spots. Use the map to find the beaches, go for a drive and tour the historical sites, gardens and rum factories. Wander from cafe to courtyard in Christiansted and Frederiksted and stroll along the waterfronts. Try a new sport like scuba diving or sailing. St. Croix loves that you are here to relax and soak up the warm Caribbean sun and we hope that you feel familiar and comfortable walking around our towns. We know that your time with us will allow you to meet some friendly Crucians that can answer your questions with a smile. And that you will go away with fun stories of the great times you had exploring the St. Croix culture, food and new friends that you made! Explore and Enjoy!

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Travellers Tips

St. Croix offers its explorers the comfort of traveling under the U.S. flag, while still maintaining the feel of a truly international destination. Try some of the wide variety of Caribbean, Danish, Puerto Rican and local Crucian cuisine, like Roast Goat, Fish and Fungi or Kallaloo.

You will hear a chorus of languages spoken here, including the beautiful Caribbean-accented English, as well as Spanish, Creole, French, Danish and Patois. If you don’t understand what someone is saying, take a look at the Explorer’s Island Dictionary on page 13. Soon come you’ll be saying "Ar’ight" to A ya, spreading the weekend’s melee while limin’ on the beach. (Got that, right?)

As a U.S. territory, the Virgin Islands use U.S. currency, the U.S. postal system, U.S. and Canadian banks and U.S. Customs. It is recommended that you carry your U.S. Passport and Drivers License because of the TSA, Customs and Immigration checkpoints at our airport. It’s also handy to have your documents with you if you plan to travel to any of the non-U.S. Caribbean islands, including the British Virgin Islands.

Most major credit cards and ATM cards are widely accepted. When leaving, customs will require you to claim any items you purchase. However, as a duty-free port, you can return to the mainland with up to $1,600 in local merchandise such as perfume, jewelry, art and clothing, tax-free. Don’t forget the six bottles of rum each visitor is allowed to take home. Most shops open at about 10 a.m. and close around 5 p.m. Monday through Saturday. Sunday is a day off, so go to the beach. Restaurants usually serve dinner until 9 p.m, but some of the local bars and pubs serve food til midnight. You can find food vans, open late into the night, around town on weekends.

On St. Croix, take the same safety precautions you would on any vacation. Lock your car, villa or hotel room door. Don’t walk in dark or suspicious areas of our towns. Don’t leave your purse, wallet, camera or cell phone sitting on the beach chair. Be cautious of shady characters who may approach you. If you need emergency help, from your cell phone dial 340-772-9111. Dress is casual, but not too casual. Wear only your bathing suit into town or shorts to church, and you are sure to get the "Tourist" stare.

The weather? Perfect… almost. Rainy season is September through November and March through May. But no matter what time of year you are here, if it rains every day of your trip, buy yourself a lottery ticket because chances are one in a million. If you visit during Hurricane Season, you might just see one. Schedule your time on St Croix around a great event, Triathlon, Taste of St Croix, VI Puerto Rico Friendship Columbus Weekend or St Patrick’s Day.

Explore St. Croix at the relaxed pace at which the island moves. It will change any Type A into a Type Z by stays end. You have the time to start your conversations with a "Good Morning," "Good Afternoon" and "Good Night," and should do so, as the local’s do. Move slowly. Drive slowly and on the LEFT. Ask questions. Relax and take deep breaths. Explore the culture. Buy local. Fall in love. Come back soon.